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I suggest taking off your boxer shorts and just lying on the bed naked, head facing down.

Then the ball is in the massage girl’s court and she can decide.

The cheaper the price the worse the rooms are usually.

By far the worst rooms I have seen happen to be on Soi 11 pictured below: As you can see there is only a thin piece of wood that separates you from the next so called room.

You pay for your massage upfront normally before you go into the room.

The massages usually last for 1 hour unless you have asked for a longer one.

Analisa Massage is one of the more popular and well-known massages in Sukhumvit Soi 6, the service is usually very good, the girls are well trained and the prices are pretty darn reasonable for what you get.

If you’re looking for normal Thai girls in Bangkok check out my post on finding a Thai girlfriend or how to get Thai girls in nightclubs.

If you want to roll the dice and take a chance, always ask for a private room or an oil or aromatic massage as they will usually be done in a private room. Exotic Massage Bangkok is a newly opened massage shop located at Sukhumvit Soi 22.

They offer both Kinky and exotic massage services including role play, prostate massages, hand jobs and BDSM if you’re into that.

Prices tend to vary from place to place, the standard rate seems to be around 500 baht for a hand job in Bangkok, this is excluding the actual price of the massage.

Some Thai girls may ask for more, so always be ready to negotiate, some won’t Some Thai girls may ask for more, so always be ready to negotiate, some won’t do it for less than 1,000 so just pay whatever you’re willing to pay.

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