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On Mac, run Pocket Control, and run any application that uses webcam and select Pocket Cam as your preferred webcam. Start Pocket Cam on i OS device, and the app will automatically connect to your computer.The bottom of your i OS screen should display "Connected to your_computer_name:port." 4.

(Wardle used to work for NASA and the NSA.) He calls the technique “piggybacking,” because it relies on a computer’s user to do most of the legwork: Instead of secretly turning on the webcam without the user’s permission, piggybacking malware simply waits until the webcam is active, and then records everything it sees.

Finally, the malware sends the recording to the attacker.

The genius of this kind of an attack, Wardle says, is that it’s virtually undetectable.

When the camera on a Mac laptop starts recording, it also turns on a green indicator light.

Disabling that light is almost impossible without physically taking apart a laptop, so if it unexpectedly turns on, it’s pretty clear that something’s up.

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