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Despite health warnings looming over everyone’s head about the dangers of consuming too much meat, most of us still crave it.

In response to the fact that most of us can’t just switch off a lifetime habit of meat eating, veggie butchers boasting a variety of faux meats are popping up everywhere.

It doesn’t matter if you actually love red meat, dairy, and sugar.

And perhaps you can’t stand the texture of avocado, but we’ll let you in on a game changer that might get you back in the Instagram food game…cake for breakfast may be a top trend in 2017. Seaweed is maintaining the top spot as King Green for 2017, having knocked kale of its throne – a quiet fall from grace.

With VR headsets being all the rage now, food spots are also tapping into this craze.

The Resident’s must-read guide to the weird and wonderful food movements set to hit London next year.

You’ll be able to spot those who aren’t quite in the know by their Instagram feeds – don’t be the one still Instagramming smashed avo on toast… From beastly ice cream sundaes to the return of the fat, juicy slab of meat, (thank goodness, the conversion to veganism wasn’t going well, am I right? You probably didn’t even get round to mastering all the 2016 It Food Trends, and maybe you are just done with following suit.

Witness the freakish evolution of milkshakes as they morph into monstrous explosions of sugar and spice and all things nice.

A counter health trend, this movement takes the concept of a cheeky dessert treat to new levels.

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