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The upshot, I think, is that defendants convicted of first-degree statutory rape for offenses committed from December 1, 2015 to July 12, 2017 (the day the governor signed the amended statute into law) be subject to an elevated maximum sentence or extended PRS for that crime. Emphasizing In the section of the chart covering constitutional issues, I emphasized the blurb about Grady v. But I hope it will at least serve as a reminder that a failure to consider the issue is a surefire path to reversal. All of those additional requirements surely constitute punishment that may not permissibly be applied retroactively to a person who committed his or her offense before the law was amended to make them applicable. The supreme court said a judge could enter such an order, so long as it was directed at preventing indirect contact with the actual victim through specifically identified third parties, as long as the order is supported by appropriate findings. One line of bold text on obviously does not solve all of your problems about how properly to analyze the reasonableness of a search that will, in most cases, not occur for decades. My guess is that anyone convicted of first-degree statutory rape for an offense committed since December 1, 2015 is still in prison for it and wouldn’t have been registered yet in any event. And additional conditions of post-release supervision would apply during that lengthier period of supervision. So file that analysis away for, like, 2028 or whenever the first of the impacted defendants is due to be released from prison. The note on the chart about no-contact orders under G. 15A-1340.50 is amended to reflect the supreme court’s decision in State v. (For whatever they may be worth, my thoughts on the proper analysis are here.) The post Revised Sex Offender Flow Chart (July 2017 Edition) appeared first on North Carolina Criminal Law.Both slow growth and unemployment contribute to stress, which Durex found to be one of the biggest contributors to an unpleasant sex life.Japan's economy is something of a perfect storm of sexlessness.Note the difference between Japan's pink/yellow bars and everyone else's: See that?

But it makes sense that it explains part of what makes a country more excited about sex.

Even among the worst performers in Durex's surveys, Japan stands out.

The below chart shows the 6 countries in the world where less than 40 percent of people report being "very or fully satisfied" with their sex lives.

For instance, the French don't live up to their reputation as great lovers, reporting some of the lowest levels of sexual excitement in the survey.

Mexico and Nigeria beat almost everywhere else by a hefty margin.

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